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Terry Naturally CuraMed® Plus Clinical OPC® 60 Softgels. Free Shipping to any U.S. address for a limited time. This product only.

Terry Naturally CuraMed Plus Clinical OPC® 60 Softgels
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Reduce Your Risk of Oxidative Damage* Powerful Cell Protection^ for:

Brain Heart Breast Colon Liver Prostate* CuraMed Plus Clinical OPC features 3 full-strength ingredients with proven absorption and efficacy:

Clinically Studied Curcumin—has over 70 published studies showing benefits for cellular health, including the prostate and colon.* French Grape Seed Extract­ VX1®—contains low molecular weight, tannin-free OPCs for high absorbability. Turmerones from Turmeric Oil—turmerones (standardized to 60%); provide beneficial compounds for cellular health not found in standard curcumin or turmeric.* This effective formula provides the targeted cellular protection^ you need to support healthy aging and reduce the risk of oxidative damage. It’s the right choice to promote overall well-being, every day.*

^Protection from oxidative stress and damage