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Greetings from Harvest Moon Health Foods!

We have provided thousands of online customers with great prices and service since we first put a site on the internet in 1995.

We are a family owned business with a retail store in Olathe, KS, so you can be assured you are getting the finest products in a controlled environment, not out of someone's garage.

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Notice: We are a retail health food store and not a clinic. It is unlawful for us to provide medical advice.

Hot Weather Alert! During the summer months and if you live in a hotter climate year around, there is a chance of heat exposure if a product is delivered and sits for a few hours. This will not affect most products but if it is a concern, we can require a signature so it is not left. You will then need to go to the post office or FEDEX office depending on how it was shipped to pick it up. If you want "signature required" please put it in the comments when checking out. We cannot be responsible for heat exposure as we have no control over it.

We attempt to maintain the lowest prices possible and will attempt to match a lower price if you find one but can't promise we will always be able to.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card orders will be processed immediately.
    Note that we require a valid billing address match (the address your credit card statement is mailed to) before we can ship the order. If the shipping address is different, please fill in the billing information also to avoid delays.
    On larger first time orders we require the package be shipped to the billing address. This is a requirement of the credit card companies as they do not consider it a valid transaction if a mail order is shipped to other than the billing address. Some credit card companies will allow you to specify another address as valid. This is fine with us, as long as it provides a valid address match when we process it.

    A note about credit card authorizations: When placing on online order, your card is first authorized for the amount which lists it as a pending charge. We actually process the card once the order and address is verified. In some instances, the actual charge is posted to the account before the card company receives an updated list of pending charges. It can appear that you are being charged both the authorized amount of $50 and the actual purchase amount of $22.50. In reality, the pending charge will usually be removed with the next update. In no case will you be charged both amounts.

  • Money Order orders will be held until money order is received.
  • Personal check orders will be held until the check clears (can take up to 3 weeks).

    USA Shipping

    (International shipment info - Click "International Shipping Policies" on top of this page.)
    Our system automatically generates an address label based on the shipping information you provide in the Ship To parameter of the store when checking out only, not upon payment if using an alternate shipping method.

    Note that standard shipping within the continental USA normally takes 2 - 7 business days during non-holiday periods. U.S. Mail and ground FEDEX packages are usually delivered within these guidelines, but they don't guarantee delivery by a certain day.

    Heavier packages to Hawaii & Alaska may be shipped Parcel Post due to the cost.

    If a package must arrive by a certain date, you may want to choose next day or 2nd day express delivery.

    We ship Monday - Friday and orders received by noon CST will ship the same day processed.
    Standard shipping cost for Supplement orders within the continental USA start at $5.25 and will go up slightly as the weight of your order increases. (Alaska, Hawaii, APO Puerto Rico & U.S Territories will ship U.S. Mail only and shipping will be the exact cost from the Post Office). Powders including Almased, proteins and MSM are charged slightly higher when ordering 3 or more bottles (food items, liquids, oils, cosmetics, MSM Powders & LoCarb Whey 2 or more) due to the heavy weight.
    Packages under 3 lbs are shipped U.S Mail and we do ship to PO Boxes. Heavier items are shipped FEDEX Ground unless it is a rural address (within the continental USA).

    To determine your shipping costs for the items you want to order before paying, put them in your shopping cart, go to Check Out and enter your address and country information. Next choose your shipping method and then click on the Apply Button. Your total will then appear in the Shopping Cart Summary.

    Express Shipping

    Within the continental USA, signature required (order must be received by Noon CST to ensure same day shipment, otherwise it will ship the following business day):
    Note that we offer express delivery as a service. All delivery guarantees once shipped are between the customer and FEDEX as it is FEDEX making any guarantees. If a package is not delivered on time, we will do what we can to rectify the problem but we cannot refund shipping if it is not refunded to us also by FEDEX. This can happen if you are not home and they need a signature. Also, if your express package is delayed due to weather anywhere along the route, it may not be delivered on time or the day expected. Fedex does not guarantee on time delivery under these conditions nor can we and no refund for shipping can be applied.

    Second Day (Mon - Fri pick up and delivery only, except holidays, also see weather statement below)
    Next Day (by end of day) (Mon - Fri pick up delivery only, except holidays, also see weather statement below)

    Express Weather Delays - Note that if your express package is delayed due to weather anywhere along the route, it may not be delivered on time or the day expected. Fedex does not guarantee on time delivery under these conditions nor can we and no refund for shipping can be applied.

    Note that Fedex only counts business days so a 2nd day package shipping on Thursday will be delivered the following Monday or Tuesday if shipped on Friday (assuming there is not a holiday in between). A next day package shipping on Friday is delivered the following Monday (assuming no holiday). Any orders received after our cutoff on Friday will be shipped on Monday (unless it's a holiday) Also see our weather delay statement above.

    Powders including Almased, proteins are charged higher depending on the size of the order(food items, liquids, oils, cosmetics, MSM Powders & LOCarb Whey 2 or more) due to the heavy weight. Appliance shipping is also higher due to the weight.These items cannot be shipped by USPS so must ship Fedex Ground to a physical address (USPS charges much more for heavy items)
    If the price is different on heavier items than appears on your order confirmation, we will email you for approval to of the increased charge before we process it.

    We ship Monday - Friday and all orders received by noon the same day.

    Free Shipping Offers

    You will find some promotional items that include free shipping. Free shipping only applies to those items where it is stated and is valid only on orders placed online. Non-qualified items added to the free shipping items will add a shipping charge to the order as well as orders you call into us to place.

    Out of Stocks:

    We strive to keep all products in stock but if we are temporarily out of your product, we will notify you with the ship date.

    Return and Cancellation Policy

    All returns must be done within 30 days of delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! The return must be accompanied with a written explantion from the person using the product why it is being returned.
    You must call or email first to get an RMA number from us. The RMA number along with the credit card number to be credited (we don't keep your number on file for your protection) must be included in the package with the returned product.
    If payment was made with a money order, we will mail you a business check with your refund.

    Any refused merchandise (or cancelled orders after the order has been processed) will incur a 10% restocking fee.
    An open package can be returned only if you had an adverse or allergic reaction. Empty packages or nearly empty packages being returned claiming adverse or allergic reactions will not be refunded (yes, we have had people try this).
    We do not refund the shipping amount under any circumstance.
    If payment was by credit card, we can only credit to the original credit card number used. We cannot refund a credit card puchase by any other method (check, cash, etc).

    Please note that we cannot take back returns on Miracle II products as the manufacturer will not accept them from us for reimbursement.

    Appliances come with a manufacturer warranty and cannot be returned.

    All sales on books are final and cannot be returned.

    A note about weightloss products.
    All references to weightloss results are based on overall averages of consumers using the products. We cannot guarantee any individual's results will be the same.

    We reserve the right to cancel an order at our discretion.