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Now Foods Nature's Deodorant Stick 3.5 oz.

Now Foods Nature's Deodorant Stick 3.5 oz.
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Suggested Use: Lightly wet deodorant crystal stick and apply generously to underams and/or feet. For best results, use after bathing while the skin is still moist. Ingredient: Natural Kalinite (aluminum potassium sulfate dodecahydrate) Crystal.

Free of harmful forms of aluminum (chlorohydrate chloride, tetrachlorohydrex and octachlorohydrex and octachlorohydrex).

* 100% Pure & Natural * Long-lasting natural odor protection

By leaving a thin layer of odor-controlling mineral salts, NOW® Nature's Deodorant Stick offers long-lasting odor protection that you can be confident in. NOW® Nature's Deodorant Stick is completely free of harsh chemicals, oils, perfumes, alcohol, preservatives and aluminum chlorohydrate. Use of natural deodorant crystals has been proven highly effective in naturally protecting against body odors.