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Natural Factors WellBetX PGX w/ Mulberry - 180 Caps FREE USA SHIPPING

Natural Factors WellBetX PGX w/ Mulberry - 180 Caps FREE USA SHIPPING
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PGX™ - A Revolutionary Fiber Complex

PGX Fiber Blend binds to the water in the digestive tract to form a gelatinous, viscous mass which slows glucose absorption and creates a sense of satiety (fullness) while reducing the absorption of calories. This impressive PGX Blend, short for PolyGlycopleX, exerts 3 to 5 times the effects of other fibers. A key component of PGX is glucomannan, a soluble fiber from the root of konjac. It is 3 times more viscous than guar and 7 times more viscous than psyllium. With this, and the other components it contains, PGX has a viscosity 3 to 5 times greater than glucomannan alone.

PGX: • lowers postprandial blood glucose by 20% • lowers insulin secretion by 40% • improves whole body insulin sensitivity by nearly 50% • is unequalled by any drug or natural product.

PGX capsules also contain an extract of mulberry leaves, shown to block certain enzymes that break down starches and sugars in the body, thereby diminishing after-meal rises in glucose and insulin.