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Natural Balance AlkaMax 1oz

Natural Balance AlkaMax 1oz
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What Do You Get From New AlkaMAX?

Optimize your low-carb diet efforts with a restored pH balance! Neutralize excess acid caused by low-carb / high-protein diets! Natural relief from occasional acid indigestion!

Stress and modern diets, especially the popular low-carb/high-protein diets, create excess acids that can make you feel tired, weak, sick and older than you are. AlkaMAX™ gives you the alkaline buffers you've got to have to feel youthful, vital, healthy and strong. Don't wait to restore your body's natural balance - alkalize now to promote youthful vitality, renewed energy, and increased stamina!

How is a balanced pH important to my health? An acid-alkaline imbalance can be caused by the over consumption of animal products, processed foods, and beverages such as coffee and soda, coupled with the absence of alkaline-rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Regardless of diet, many people find the stress of modern living can create elevated acid levels that need proper care. While popular antacids may temporarily relieve some of the common symptoms of pH imbalance, like occasional acid stomach and indigestion, the undesirable artificial ingredients and preservatives don't create a long-term solution. These products also do nothing to address the alkaline deficiency at the root of the problem. Elevated acid levels have been associated with numerous ailments including occasional fatigue, sore muscles, weight gain, indigestion, signs of aging, wrinkles and other possibly more serious problems.

Embrace the benefits of restored alkalinity! The key to good health and vitality lies in correcting your body's pH balance by increasing alkalinity. AlkaMAX™ is the first natural supplement line of its kind to empower you with the ability to safely and privately monitor your pH levels and restore balance with our unique, patent-pending blend of essential nutrient alkaline boosters. With AlkaMAX™ effervescent powder or AlkaMAX capsules, you can quickly take corrective action to maintain appropriate pH levels throughout the day. Our convenient AlkaMAX™ pH test strips make it easy to monitor your body's acid levels and preserve the benefits of balanced pH wherever you go. Improve your daily pH with AlkaMAX™ and enjoy improved digestion, relief from acidic symptoms and the benefit of bone health support! Forget taking separate artificial medications for relief of acid stomach, indigestion, muscle soreness, and other ailments. AlkaMAX™ is the only natural supplement you need to maintain a healthy and vigorous lifestyle, free from the of over-acidity!

Get the results you deserve from your diet & exercise program! In today's fast-paced world, it is essential that you receive the maximum possible benefit from the time and effort you invest in activities like aerobics, lifting weights, and dieting to improve your body's health. Unfortunately, even the most carefully structured fitness routine or diet program may not be producing the desired results, and the reason could very well be a pH imbalance. When you consume extra alkaline-forming minerals like those found in AlkaMAX™, the excess is stored in your body's tissues and made available for future use - during a workout, periods of high stress, or after consuming acid-rich foods.

AlkaMAX is the perfect way to increase the effectiveness of your workout by building and maintaining your body's alkaline reserves - resulting in a more balanced pH, decreased muscle soreness caused by high acidity, and increased overall energy.

Your fitness routine is not the only thing adversely affected by elevated acid levels. When your body suffers from an acid imbalance, it must work twice as hard to absorb and use the nutrients it needs to function efficiently. AlkaMAX's effective combination of minerals will neutralize harmful acids and enhance your body's ability to get the most from your current dietary or herbal program. Make sure you get the benefits you expect from the vitamins and healthy foods you consume each day by encouraging a balanced system with AlkaMAX™.

Maximize your body's potential with AlkaMAX! AlkaMAX effervescent powder and AlkaMAX capsules help restore a healthy pH balance for added energy, increased performance, and the peace of mind that comes from taking proper care of your body. Our entire line of unique AlkaMAX™ products will assist you in managing your body's pH levels to ensure you will get the maximum benefits from your diet, exercise, and fitness programs. You can be confident that your body will receive the added alkaline benefits it needs by trusting our AlkaMAX™ pH testing strips for use in urine or saliva to monitor your acid levels. Our handy AlkaMAX™ wallet card is also a terrific tool for managing your pH levels while on the go.

Finally, a natural product for combating occasional acid stomach and indigestion that's more than just a short-term fix. AlkaMAX™ is the natural solution for restoring the proper balance your body needs to operate effectively and feel fantastic!