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Hyalogic HyalunPro 90 Equine 90 day oral hyaluronic acid (6 oz)

Hyalogic HyalunPro 90 Equine 90 day oral hyaluronic acid (6 oz)
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Glucosamine was one of the first oral supplements used by veterinarians and horse competitors around the world. At the time, this supplement provided benefits to joint mechanics that, due to large amounts of stress, could become sluggish and cumbersome. Despite the success of this supplement, there were some downfalls. The glucosamine molecule must combine with a glucoronic acid molecule to make hyaluronic acid. Often times the body is not able to join these two molecules together and the production of much needed hyaluronic acid is never achieved. This creates a reliability factor that can become dangerous and detrimental to your horses health and can be very expensive to resolve. Hyaluronic acid (HA) supplements have started to become an alternative to glucosamine. The major benefit of introducing hyaluronic acid to your horse is this eliminates the possibility of the glucsoamine and glucoronic acid molecules not joining, thus installing a much more reliable source of joint support that can provide stellar results and ultimately save you money. Hyalun comparison table

Oral forms are adding to the increasing interest that surrounds hyaluronic acid. Some of the first HA applications revolved around applying the product internally to the targeted joint. While effective, the horse was at risk to have possible temporary complications while the site of the application healed. This is where oral forms of hyaluronic acid have an advantage. Oral hyaluronic acid can supply the same benefit, with out possible complications to the horse's physical health.

HyalunŽ was the first oral hyaluronic acid supplement introduced to the equine market. While cheaper than some injectable forms, HyalunŽ allowed horse owners to provide their horses with the multiple benefits of HA supplementation without professional assistance and complications; thus making HyalunŽ a smart choice for the horse owner.