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Dr. Lamar's Liquid Stabilized Oxygen 4.40 Fl Oz.
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Dr. Lamar's Liquid Stabilized Oxygen 4.40 Fl Oz.

Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is an electrolyte solution containing oxygen attached to naturally occurring salts (sodium content is minimal). When the oxygen is buffered and stabilized, it remains firmly attached to the electrolyte molecule waiting to be released into a bio-active environment. The buffered oxygen is a nascent oxygen (single atoms of oxygen) that when introduced to an acid breaks the individual oxygen atoms off and releases them. Nascent oxygen scavenges for free radicals and attaches to them, helping to neutralize free radicals, toxins, parasites, and anaerobic bacteria. This frees up your regular diatonic oxygen (02), to be utilized in empowering your body's organs and tissues.

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