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Aloe Life Skin Gel Topical Skin Treatment 4oz AloeLife

Aloe Life Skin Gel Topical Skin Treatment 4oz AloeLife
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Aloe Life SKIN GEL comes in two convenient sizes; one for travel and one for the home or business. This is a product that once you use it you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Traditional writings refer to the Aloe Vera herb as the Burn Plant, the Miracle Plant and the Medicine Plant! Aloe Life SKIN GEL gives you what our forefathers experienced with using the plant itself- genuine health support! Seeing is believing. Through a recent survey of major healthfood stores, written up in the newsletter, HERBALGRAM, No. 41, 1997, Aloe Vera showed 6th in popularity of the hundreds of herbs nature has provided. Through very unique processing, using fresh juice not powdered Aloe that other companies use, Aloe Life has formulated this topical skin treatment to be the best worldwide and recently documented the SKIN GEL's ability to heal wounds 100% in an 18 month Wound Study conducted in home health care facilities in Texas, 1996-1997. Whole leaf Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and the herbal extracts of Comfrey and Chamomile, give this formula the natural compounds which may aid in daily use; the reversal of damaged and weathered skin that leads to premature aging, regeneration of hair and scalp due to dandruff, a non toxic treatment for mouth and gum irritations, an excellent lubricant for vaginal dryness, and preventing shaving irritation for men.

Women suffering pain and irruption's from varicose veins apply the SKIN GEL daily to find relief and support as well. SKIN GEL needs to be in every First Aid Kit for work, family and play. Athletes of every type; rock climbers, hikers, roller bladders, campers, skiers, tennis, golfers, football, baseball, hockey, etc., will find SKIN GEL to be a welcome relief to scraps, abrasions, cuts, muscle strain, sun damage and etc..

Highlights of use: Acne, diaper rash, post surgery, wounds, rashes, burns, muscle strain, animal & bug bites, scarring, varicose veins, vaginal dryness, dry scalp, hemorrhoids, after shave, hair replenishing, astringent for the face-Gives you a healthy glow! There is no other product made that can give you the extraordinary results of the SKIN GEL by Aloe Life. Herbs really work!