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XyloSweet Sweetener 100 Single Serve Packets

XyloSweet Sweetener 100 Single Serve Packets
Item # XS-0110
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Use in your Neti Pot instead of salt. Gentler and more cost effective. One packet per use

What is Xylosweet Sweetener?

Xylosweet, a xylitol-based sweetener, is the sweetest of all bulk sugar substitutes. Currently used in many sugar-free products, Xylosweet is increasingly gaining acceptance as an alternative sweetener; using it actually helps reduce the development of dental cavities. Unlike artificial sweeteners, Xylosweet contains all-natural xylitol—nothing else!

Anti-bacterial Benefits - Xylosweet inhibits the ability of bacteria to attach to the tissues of the mouth, nose and throat. This is why physicians are using xylitol to reduce the symptoms of middle ear infections-particularly in children. A gentler replacement for salt in Neti Pots also.


Just as sweet and tasteful as table sugar with 1/3 fewer calories (~ 2.4 calories/gram versus sugar's 4.0) Glycemic index: 7

Made of a naturally-occurring substance found in fruits and vegetables like plums, strawberries, and corn