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VAXA BUFFER-pH+ 120 Capsules FREE USA SHIPPING Buffer ph
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Are You at Risk?

pH Imbalance - The Real Silent Killer

Just as acid rain can destroy a forest and alkaline wastes can pollute a lake, an imbalanced pH continuously corrodes all body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of our veins and arteries like corrosives eating into marble. If left unchecked, an imbalanced pH will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of the heart to the neural firing of your brain.

Although it may go unnoticed and undetected for years, an imbalanced pH can lead to the progression of most, if not all, degenerative diseases including Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Diabetes, as well as the never ending frustration of excessive systemic weight gain. The ingredients in this MultiDimensional formula have been shown to naturally:
  • Help manage cholesterol by dissolving calcified and toxic laden plaque within the bloodstream
  • Help ensure healthy cardio-vascular function by allowing proper blood flow
  • Help slow the aging process by cleansing and repairing tissues
  • Help with weight control by maintaining proper Insulin production

    “Acid pH is so corrosively destructive that it is considered a seedbed for most, if not all, degenerative diseases including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, premature aging and osteoporosis.”
    Dr. Lawrence Hatchett, M.D., Harvard University Fellow