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Positive Power Super Silica - 4 fl oz - Free USA Shipping
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Increase Bone Density

* SuperSilica™ has a healing effect on bones and teeth by restoring the mineral balance needed for proper bone density. Start the bone remineral- ization process today. Many people get better bone density scores within a month.

Improve Calcium Management in the Body

* SuperSilica™ provides highly usable ionic silica, which is the primary calcium management element in the body. It ensures that calcium is not stored in any locations other than the bone. Without silica the body will store calcium in the artery walls, joints, organs and soft tissues.

* SuperSilica™ establishes the foundation for bones by helping the body create the collagen matrix upon which calcium is properly deposited.

Boost Collagen Formation for Elasticity and Flexibility

* Silica has been shown to strengthen and support connective tissues (joints, ligaments, muscles) that begin to harden and degenerate as we age.

* SuperSilica™ provides ionic silica (particles small enough to pass through the cell membrane) that is effective in stimulating rapid re-growth of damaged skin tissue. It helps with wound and burn healing, dry and wrinkled skin, brittle nails, thinning hair, and loss of vital tissue in the lining of the stomach and intestines.

Strengthen Heart and Arteries

* Silica is needed to create supple arteries and veins. It is effective in removing plaque deposits from artery walls, and it is abundant (up to 14 times more) in the arteries of people who are free of heart disease.

* SuperSilica™ is loaded with the nutrients and energy that strengthen the muscles, especially the heart: silica, oxygen, magnesium, vital electrolytes.

Replace the Silica that is Refined Out of Today’s Food Supply

* Silica is found primarily in natural oats, millet, barley, wheat and potatoes. Many of us do not eat these foods in their unrefined states. We get very little silica in our diets, and we lose 10-40mg /day.

* SuperSilica™ can help us get enough pure silica each day to help our body regain its natural healing ability, proper function, and good health.


* In harmony with life and nature

* No animal derivatives

* No artificial colors or flavors

* No soy or gluten

* Lactose free

SuperSilica™ is not a substitute for CellPower™ OriginalFormula™.

Each one has its special uses. To focus on oxygenation at the cellular level, we recommend using CellPower™ Original Formula™.