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Raintree Nutrition N-TENSE 120 Capsules 700mg.
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N-TENSE combines the rainforest's most potent and effective medicinal plants into one synergistic formula for intensive therapy support. The plants in this formula have been independently documented around the world.

Each rainforest botanical in N-TENSE has been sustainably wildharvested in the Amazon Rainforest. They are processed without chemicals or irraditation and the capsules contain no binders, fillers, or exipients and are 100% finely milled natural plants.

  • Graviola
  • Mullaca
  • Vassourinha
  • Espinheira Santa
  • Mutamba
  • Bitter Melon
  • Suma
  • Cat's Claw

    This high quality Amazon formula is sold in 120 capsule bottles with 700 milligrams per capsule. Recommended usage is 6 to 8 capsules daily.

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