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New Name. Same Great Formula!

Primal Calm 30 Capsules (formerly Proloftin )
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Are You Under Stress?

Of course you are, everyone is! Don't let stress ruin your life. Fight back with Primal Calm -The most comprehensive anti-stress formula available without prescription.

Primal Calm is the ultimate natural stress-fighting supplement. 2 easy-to-swallow capsules supply more of the top anti-stress nutrients than any other stress-fighting supplement.

The most significant all-natural, non-Rx stress-fighting formula ever developed. Proven, proprietary, powerful. There are many so-called "stress" and "cortisol-blunting" faddish formulas on the market, but none combine these five unique, premium ingredients in such synergistic potency. This is the most complete, comprehensive stress-relief formula available anywhere. There is no substitute. Primal Calm is non-habit forming and safe for everyone, with zero side effects. You will feel a noticeable difference in your mood, response, and sleep patterns.