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Harvest Moon PureWay-C 500mg w/Bioflavonoids - Size=

Harvest Moon PureWay-C 500mg w/Bioflavonoids - Size=
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PureWay-C is an exciting new form of Vitamin C that contains vitamin C-lipid metabolites. This consumer friendly form enhances delivery, availability, absorption kinetics, distribution, uptake, concentration, and utilization efficacy of essential vitamin C in the body. PureWay-C also prolongs blood plasma and tissue retention of vitamin C.

Scientific Research

Comparative research studies in vitro and in humans demonstrate that Pureway-C is more rapidly absorbed and leads to higher plasma and cellular levels, having faster and more beneficial effects than ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate and other ascorbate brands. These benefits include better stimulation of neurite outgrowth, increased fibroblast wound healing activities, increased protection of the immune system from xenobiotic induced inflammatory mechanisms, and greater reduction of plasma levels of C-reactive protein and oxidized LDL, as well as more potent antioxidant and higher free radical scavenging capabilities.*

*The information above appears published in Med Sci Monit 2007; 13(3): BR51-58; Med Sci Monit 2007; 13(10) and additional unpublished research studies.

The Science Behind PureWay-C

Vitamin C has been implicated in protecting the nervous system from neurodegenerative diseases, the promotion of wound healing and protection from xenobiotic-induced inflammatory damage. We present a new vitamin C formulation, PureWay-C which is more active and effective than Ascorbic acid, Calcium ascorbate and other ascorbate brands with regard to stimulation of neurite outgrowth, fibroblast wound healing activities and the protection of the immune system from xenobiotic induced inflammatory mechanisms. The ability of PureWay-C to quickly affect cell behavior is an indication of its rapid cellular uptake and improved activity in providing the benefits of vitamin C supplementation.