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Positive Power Nutritionals CellPower Drops 2 Fl. oz. - Free USA Ship
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Positive Power Nutritionals CellPower Drops

Increase Bio-availability of Vitamins, Herbs (Reduce Hunger)

There is a natural and healthy hunger suppression that occurs when the brain senses the absorption of sufficient micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals.)

CellPower may increase the bio-availability of nutrients from food and supplements. It may aid in weight management as less food and calories satisfy the body's needs.

CellPower may also increases the bio-availability of certain medicines. Check with your doctor to see if the doses of your medications can be gradually reduced as the body cleanses and strengthens.

Normalize pH Levels
An estimated 95% of the U.S. population is too acidic (less than pH 7.0) in their body's tissues and fluids. The ideal is to be slightly alkaline (pH 7.25).

CellPower is effective in any pH range in the body. It tends to correct the body's acid-base balance and help maintain pH in the ideal range.

Increase Cellular Respiration
Pure oxygen is needed at the cellular level.

Atmospheric oxygen has decreased from 38-50% saturation to 21% today in the air we breathe.

CellPower brings pure oxygen to the cellular level.

Speeds athletic recovery and helps remove lactic acid to boost performance.

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