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Aqua Flora Phase 1 - Size= 16oz

Aqua Flora Phase 1 - Size= 16oz
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Aqua Flora® Products Since 1990

Homeopathic, Frequency-Based Products for Candida Albicans

Frequency-based, Homeopathic products

Approximately 80% of the population have extensive Candida overgrowth

Safe; effective in 7 days (in vitro)

17 years, long-standing success

Symptoms relieved in 14-16 days

Long-standing success with thousands of consumers, as well as in medical and alternative wellness clinics!

Candida Information
First identified in the 1950’s, it is now estimated that approximately 80% of the population has an overgrowth of Candida Albicans (called Candidiasis). It is surprising that most think that Candidiasis (an overgrowth of Candida Albicans everywhere) afflicts primarily women as a “yeast infection”. Candida cuts across all age groups: infants, adolescents, and adults (both male and female), yet the symptoms manifest in many ways not only as a “yeast infection”.

Of the population that suffers from Candida Albicans (Candidiasis), rarely do they attribute their symptoms to this serious condition that is now considered an epidemic.

Although Candida and other fungus are present in the natural ecology intestines and in a healthy individual can not cause problems, Candida can change into a fungal form and pass from the intestinal wall. As it spreads throughout the body, it produces a variety of devastating and persistent symptoms. This makes it a perplexing condition often overlooked in diagnosis. Often, it can be a very deep-seated, pervasive soft tissue infection which can affect virtually every organ and muscle tissue in men, women, children and even babies.

What Causes Candidiasis?
Authorities who speak to the issue state that the greatest contributors to the overgrowth of Candida Albicans systematically is the extended use of antibiotics, stress, poor diet, alcohol, steroids, and more… as well as a suppressed or compromised immune system.

Antibiotics can produce an imbalance of micro organisms in the intestinal tract by killing the “good” bacteria and leaving an overabundance of Candida cells. The Candida cells proliferate in the gut, then penetrate the intestinal wall, and then are carried by the circulatory system throughout the body and infect organ and muscle tissues.

The Candida invasion can cripple the immune system so that it can no longer repel invaders. It can create allergies to chemicals, pollens, and foods. Also, it is believed that toxins from the Candida cells and protein molecules develop an antigen/antibody reaction. This can cause even more allergic reactions.

Immuno-deficient conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Psoriasis all lend themselves to making the individual susceptible to Candidiasis.

Dr. Gus Prosch, M.D. wrote in the Townsend Newsletter for Physicians in January, 1995: "All arthritics by virtue of their weakened immune system suffer also from Candidiasis." He further states, “All arthritics should consider, as part of their overall get-well program, a candida treatment." Dr. Prosch, continues by stating, “Whether or not the only cause for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Candida albacans is not known , but that it is a major cause of the symptomology can be readily assumed based on improvement that follows when Candidiasis is treated against."

Dr. Robert Atkins, in his book, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution pointed out that 30% of all his overweight patients have Candidiasis as diagnosed by irrefutable laboratory tests. He further states, "I don't believe that your diet necessarily causes Candidiasis, but my clinical practice has taught me that the wrong foods will definitely encourage a yeast infection." By using the term the wrong foods Dr, Atkins refers to “a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates." This is also true for the diabetic patient.

If you are eating improperly, taking antibiotics, or changing your body chemistry with birth control, you are providing the perfect environment for Candida yeast infection to multiply uncontrolled.