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Harvest Moon Vinpocetine Plus 60 Capsules

Harvest Moon Vinpocetine Plus 60 Capsules
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Vinpocetine Plus
This product comes in 60 Vegetarian Capsules bottles.

Serving Size: 1 Vegetarian Capsule

Niacin 10 mg

Vinpocetine (from Vinca Minor seed)10 mg

Guta Kola (Centella Asiatica) leaves 100 mg

Butcher's Broom (Ruscus Aculeatus) root 100 mg

People throughout the world expect to live longer. And, in fact, there are over 35 million people over the age of 65 in the United States alone. Long life is largely a result of incredible advances in medical technology that have made it possible to alleviate many conditions which negatively affect our bodily organs. Yet the complex functions of one of our most important organs, THE BRAIN, still remain a mystery.

Medical technology has allowed us to determine many aspects of how the Brain works. Neurons need plenty supply of oxygen, glucose and the proper function of other factors. How can we safely and effectively help the Brain so that it continues to function properly?

The answer to this last question can be found in nature. Vinpocetine is naturally occurring from the plant Crioceras Longiflorus and also can be obtained from Vincamine.

Vinpocetine is a cerebral metabolic activator and a neuronal protector. Clinical studies indicate that vinpocetine helps increase blood flow 1 ; cerebral vasodilation 2 produces an immediate increase in the cerebral oxygenation and this results finally in the activation of the cerebral metabolism, the increase of glucose 3 and the improvement of certain neurotransmitters´utilization 4,5 . Another benefit that has been observed by using vinpocetine is its neuronal protection effects which increase resistance of the brain to hypoxia and ischemia 6 , reduce platelet aggregation, and improve red blood cells deformability allowing oxygen to feed neurons through microcapillaries 7 . Evidence also shows that Vinpocetine has antioxidant properties 8 .

The are more than 100 clinical studies on Vinpocetine performed on over 30,000 patients proving its safety and effectiveness. Vinpocetine has many different effects of varying importance such as increase of attention, concentration, and memory 9,10 .

Through baby boomers who are starting to suffer the symptoms of memory loss to young people and students who want to enhance their memory to increase their intellectual intelligence as well as to get good results at exams.


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