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Cognitive Nutrition L-Theanine 500 mg 60 capsules
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L-Theanine (gamma-ethylamino-L-glutamic acid) is a non protein forming amino acid found in trace amounts in green tea. It converts in the brain into GABA, the neurotransmitter involved in inhibiting over active mental activities, such as stress, anxiety, worrying, and nervousness. Unlike sedating herbs theanine protects & enhances cognition, without causing sleepy or drowsiness. Also unlike other GABA compounds like Phenibut there is no withdrawal effect.

L-Theanine 500 mg 60 capsules

-Neurochemical Effects-

: GABA A receptor agonist

- Reduces physical/mental stress, improves sleep & relaxation

: Dopamine releaser

- Enhances focus, mood, and memory

: Glutamate receptor antagonist (AMPA, Kainate, NMDA)

- Neuroprotective


In Japan it is used in soft drinks much like caffeine is added in the US, but to relax rather than stimulate the mind.


500-2,000 mg daily or as needed.

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