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Peaceful Mountain Nasal Rescue 1.5 oz (Formerly Sinus Rescue)

Peaceful Mountain Nasal Rescue 1.5 oz (Formerly Sinus Rescue)
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Most all sinus infections and colds begin from airborne microbes that lodge in the warm, moist membranes of the nasal and sinus passages. They form in colonies there that can double in size every 20 minutes!. Peaceful Mountain provides a soothing mist of nature's own anti-microbial agent in a specially formulated silver suspension. Silver is a natural, broad-spectrum anti-microbial. It effectively inhibits growth of bacteria and viral replication. When used frequently at the first signs of infection, Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray helps maintain an infection-free environment of the nasal and sinus passages. Buy Now!

Silver is an important dietary trace mineral so it is safe to use liberally. There are no harsh drugs or antibiotics.

For cold and sinusitis sufferers, travelers, teachers, office workers, or anyone exposed to airborne infection, Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray is a true blessing. Keep your sinuses infection-free all year. Prevent airborne infections.

See what others are saying about Peaceful Mountain.

Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray Testimonials "I've had sinus infections for half my life. I used to take antibiotics 4 times a year. In the two years that I've been using Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray, I haven't had any sinus problems and haven't had to take any antibiotics."

"My son has had chronic sinus problems for many years. Recently, it was very serious and he was in agony. His doctor prescribed three rounds of the most potent antibiotics available, but they made the problem worse. His doctor informed him that he could not do anything more to help him. We ordered two bottles (of the Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray) and after having used one bottle his problem is now eliminated. He is so very grateful to have such a wonderful product available and has told everyone he knows how great Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray really is."

"I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for over 10 years, and I'll be goshed darned if your product (which I picked up on a whim when I saw it at our local pharmacy) isn't helping! Wonderful!"

"Your product totally cleared up my sinuses and I don't think I will ever ask for a doctors help again! My sinuses were so bad that my gums even hurt and swelled up. After using your product, the swelling in my gums disappeared and it was the most relief I have had in 5 years! Thanks! Please send my order in a hurry! I will be waiting! Your Product is the first time that I can say 'would swear by the results'. Print that! It's the truth!"

"We're really impressed with the sinus spray! Family members suffer with chronic sinus infections. After just the first few uses of the sinus spray, they felt a remarkable improvement! Thank you so much, for this wonderful product."

"I have purchased and used your Nasal Spray product. As it turned out, both of my young daughters and wife had contracted a cold and I fully expected to get it too. However, when the first symptom (a bit of dryness and soreness in my throat) was felt, I began the recommended regimen of spray treatments and I was thrilled to notice that the cold never developed. This confirmed in my mind that your product indeed does work since without it I would almost certainly have suffered for at least a week with a cold."

"I have been suffering from sinus infections for 10 years and have been on antibiotic after antibiotic which has harmed the balance of flora in my system. I was desperate and looked for alternative treatments on the internet and on a whim ordered the spray. I've been on the verge of an infection twice since I've had the bottle and it has made the infection go away - THANK YOU. I hope that it will be a rare occasion when I need antibiotics again."

"Your Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray has made an amazing difference for me! I have sinus infection several times a year and usually go to the doctor for antibiotics. I am able to break this pattern this year! I'm using your spray at the first sign of sinus infection -as directed. It is "killing" the infection and I haven't missed a day's work yet! It's great!"

"I used your Peaceful Mountain Sinus Spray to fight a cold that had already got a start on me. The spray kept my sinus passages open and got rid of the cold in record time. Notable is the fact that I usually lose some hearing when I have a bad cold and drive down from the mountains. This was not a problem for the first time ever."

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