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Natural Balance Ultra Colon Clenz 60 Capsules

Natural Balance Ultra Colon Clenz 60 Capsules
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Blended with peppermint and chlorophyll for increased freshness.

Supports regularity and internal cleansing.

Ultra Colon Clenz from Natural Balance is an advanced 21st Century formula that blends Senna with a rich variety of other herbs known to help effectively promote reguarity. Its gentle, dependable formula contains key efficacious herbs found in our top-selling Colon Clenz, plus Fennel, Pepperment, Chlorophyll, and Apple Pectin for soothing freshness. Because Senna alone may be too harsh, Ultra Colon Clenz contains additional herbs that help soothe the digestive tract as it cleanses. Count on Ultra Colon Clenz from Natural Balance to work dependably every time.*

  • Senna - Popular laxative native to the Middle East and India. Preferred over other natural laxatives because it produces less griping or cramping.
  • Cascara Sagrada - One of the most gentle and effective laxatives available today. Stimulates peristalsis and helps restore the natural tone of the colon.
  • Peppermint - Popular digestive herb helps relax the bowels to reduce gas, cramps, and nausea.
  • Chlorophyll - Compound responsible for green color in plants, traditionally used as a detoxifier to reduce bad breath and fecal odors.
  • Apple Pectin - Soluble dietary fiber helps normalize bowel function and may bind certain toxins.
  • Fennel - Soothes the intestinal tract.