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Lane Labs H2Go 90 Tablets - FREE USA Shipping
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The Natural Alternative for Colon Health

With four times the surface area and volume of ordinary magnesia, the Active Magnesia? in H2Go? draws water into the colon like a sponge and holds it there longer, to soften stools and make elimination comfortable, easy and regular.

* H2Go keeps you regular day after day

* Not harsh or bulky like other laxatives

* Safe, gentle, effective

H2Go never irritates or over stimulates the system, as laxatives do. It doesn't add bulk, as fiber supplements do. It just uses nature?s most effective stool softener - water - to help you get on a regular schedule and keep you regular day after day.

H2Go is a supplement comprising of Active Magnesium, a specially processed form of magnesium that absorbs water into the colon through a "hyperosmotic" process that effectively softens the stool. The result is regularity and comfortable elimination on a consistent and daily basis.

H2Go is truly versatile in that it can be taken in three different ways:

* For Daily Regularity: Take 6 tablets with water nightly before bed for the first three days

* Reduce by one tablet per day until you reach your personal comfort level.

* For Colon Cleanse: Take 6 tablets with water before bed for 7 consecutive days.

Constipation is the problem nobody wants to talk about. Yet health experts agree that regular elimination is essential to colon health. And while all the experts seem to agree that dietary fiber is good and daily laxatives are bad, modern medical science has little to say about how to make daily regularity ? well, regular. Enter LaneLabs.

Well known for seeking out innovative solutions to difficult problems, the company has introduced a technologically advanced daily magnesia supplement called H2Go. Taken daily, H2Go?s small, easy-to-swallow tablets work like fiber only without irritation, bloating or ?rebound effect? to safely, gently get you onto a regular schedule and keep you regular day after day.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Serving per Container: 45

Amount per Serving

Calcium (as Calcium Stearate) 4mg Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide) 300mg 75%