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Almased Diet Instructions

Mixed as directed, Almased Multi-Protein Powder provides the nourishment necessary to help you feel well, lively, and fit, plus keep you at a healthy weight. Replace one, two or three meals per day or take it as a daily supplement to support your overall health. Below are listed instructions for the various uses of Almased. Nutritional Supplement: Take 6 to 9 heaping tablespoon throughout the day (mixed in cold liquid, yogurt, whole milk, cereals, etc.). Almased Multi-Protein Powder can be an addition to the daily protein requirement (1 gram per 2.2 lbs. of body weight is recommended), which is especially important for vegetarians or anybody eating low-protein food and little meat. Fitness Supplement: Anyone who enjoys sports or physical activity either as a hobby or as a professional athlete requires a diet rich in protein. Unfortunately, special diets with high levels of animal protein for athletes can cause an unbalanced excessive supply of protein. This can lead to protein-storage diseases and elevated level of uric acid. While under high physical strain (e.g., high-performance sports or strenuous workouts), your daily diet can be supplemented with up to 7 tablespoons of Almased Multi-Protein Powder. Almased Multi-Protein Powder is an ideal all-natural nutritional supplement rich in protein. Aging: As one grows older, protein requirements get much higher and often not enough protein is consumed in one’s daily diet. A protein deficiency can lead to a lack of energy, tiredness, and listlessness in the body and mind. 1-2 heaping tablespoons of Almased Multi-Protein Powder will provide the body with the essential amino acids to invigorate the body’s metabolism. Weight Management Snack Between Meals Feeling a little hungry between meals or at the end of the day? Take 1-2 heaping tablespoons of Almased mixed in cold liquid as a snack between meals. This can be done several times a day to curb those hunger pangs. Feel Full Faster Worried about overeating at your favorite restaurant? Take 2-3 heaping tablespoons of Almased mixed in cold liquid 20-30 minutes before eating a meal and you will feel full faster and eat less. Weight Loss: WARNING: CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE BEGINNING THIS OR ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM OR EXERCISE REGIME. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. Step 1: Determining the amount of Almased to take Take your target weight (your ideal weight ) and divide that number by the number 5. Then divide that number by 3. This is the amount of Almased in tablespoons per drink (meal replacement) you should have. (Example: 150 lbs. ÷ 5 = 30 ÷ 3= 10 tablespoons each meal.) Step 2: Mixing the Almased drink Mix the Almased Multi-Protein Powder in cold beverage of your choice (i.e water, skim milk or juice). Use water for fastest results. Place the powder in the glass first, then add the liquid, and mix thoroughly. You can also blend Almased with 3-4 ice cubes to make a smoothie. Because Almased is 100% natural, it contains no added sugar or preservatives. We leave the flavoring up to you. We recommend a low calorie or no calorie beverage. You can also add a few drops or a tablespoon of the following flavoring agents: liquid vitamin C, vanilla extract, or cinnamon. NOTE: Depending on the sugar content, the previous options may slow down your weight loss and overall detoxification process slightly; they are, however, effective ways of adding a little flavor to the Almased drink. NOTE: Never mix Almased with hot liquid. Heat destroys the important enzymes in the protein mixture. Step 3: Cleansing Phase - Day 1 & 2 This is the most important phase of the diet and will affect the outcome tremendously. To begin the detoxification process with Almased, it is necessary to cleanse your digestive tract. Take your preferred laxative on the first day. Also, during the diet your bowels should be emptied at least every 3 days. Wait 2-3 hours and then take your first Almased drink to start the diet. Take a total of 3 Almased drinks a day for the first two days. To avoid dehydration and help with the detoxification process, you must supply your body with at least 12-15 cups of liquid (preferably water) daily. Stay away from coffee, teas with caffeine, alcohol (including beer and wine), sodas, and fruit/vegetable juices because of added calories and sugars. Step 4: Reduction Phase - Day 3 Starting on the third day, replace 2 meals a day with the Almased for as long as you need to reach your target weight. For each meal take the amount of Almased calculated for each meal as above. Your third meal (ideally lunch) is replaced with a regular well-balanced meal This regular meal should consist of lean meat (these are chicken, fish or tofu), raw or cooked vegetables, and whole grains. You should not consume pasta, refined sugars, white rice, white breads, candy, cakes, or any overly processed, fried or prepared foods. These contain excessive artificial ingredients and preservatives your body does not need. Keep drinking as much water per day as you can but at least 10 cups per day. EXAMPLE: 2-3 ounces (size of your palm) of skinless chicken, 1-2 cups of salad with a little oil and vinegar, or green vegetables, and 1 cup of brown rice, or sweet potato. Step 5: Holding Phase After reaching your target weight and body fat percentage, it is important to adjust your body back to a normal calorie intake and burning rate. On the first and second week after the reduction phase, reduce your Almased drinks to only one Almased drink a day. The third and fourth week, take only one every other day. Drink at least 10 cups of water a day. Step 6: Back to Normal You can eat all foods you like but don’t overeat. Instead of counting calories, count fat content. You should not consume more than 60g of fat a day. Try fruits, fresh vegetables and low fat milk products as meals between if you get hungry. In order to maintain your weight, renew your cells or for purification purposes, you can replace 1 meal per day with 6 to 8 tablespoon of Almased in a no/low calorie liquid as needed. Step 7: Vegetable Broth & Vitamin Supplements You can consume unsalted vegetable broth with or between your Almased drink meals. Remember to drink up to 3 quarts of liquid (e.g., Almased-Wellness tea, green tea, herbal tea, water) every day. Stay away from coffee, caffeinated teas, alcohol (including beer and wine), sodas, and fruit/vegetable juices because of added calories and sugars. You may continue the use of vitamin and mineral supplements; however, we suggest the liquid form for better absorption. If you experience some muscle pain after a few days, it is caused by free radicals being dissolved by the diet. We recommend taking additional liquid or powder vitamin C. Step 8: Exercise Almased suggests developing an exercise routine that fits into your daily routine. Determine a time of day in which you are most comfortable working out and set aside that time. If you do not already exercise, start off slow and increase at your own pace. It is not required that you do an extensive workout but even a short walk once a day can help your overall health and increase your weight loss. Eating out and social events Utilizing Almased as a meal replacement can be a great way of balancing your daily caloric intake before a dinner party or social event that requires you to indulge in a large meal. Simply take your measured amount of Almased in a low/ no-calorie liquid to replace the meals before and after the dinner party or take 2-3 heaping tablespoons of Almased mixed in liquid 20-30 minutes before eating a meal and you will feel full faster and eat less. Warning and disclaimer:
We advise consulting with a physician and undergoing a thorough medical check-up before starting on this or any other diet program or exercise regimen. People with cardiovascular, circulatory, or thyroid problems, as well as diabetics, or those who must regularly take medication, should, as a matter of course, participate in a diet program only under a physician’s watchful care.